Backyard Studio – The “Mini Snail Hut”

there is a small deck option that fits under the door as well (not pictured here)

The “Mini Snail Hut” is the perfect addition to a back yard, whether its for a personal studio for working or creating, or a guest house. It is one of a kind! It is small and there are options to add a shower or small sink (as we’ve done before at tiny house shows, where we’ve taken this hut to show it off and have gotten a lot of positive feedback). You could tuck a composting toilet under the bed.

Otherwise, it can just be a little backyard nest to sleep or eat in, and you could run an electrical chord from the house for lighting/heating and such. You could also hook up a solar panel or battery for energy, but it sure is a lovely space to sleep in without ANY electricity, clutter or outside influences. It is a beautiful raw natural nook to rest, recharge and read in. It smells like a fresh forest and has a large door window and a port hole window, as well as two other windows for maximum lighting, while still being out of the way of eye traffic, keeping you safe and cozy. The bed can fold up for more day-space (mattress not included, we just used a standard futon for the display). The table can fold down into the two side benches to make a smaller bed as well. We have a wooden sink feature displayed, but that is an addition cost (let us know if you’re interested), as well as a shower pan box option. If you decide to take it somewhere off grid, it is capable of having a holistic living system. Everything tucks away in its places and it is small, but for the eager minimalist, outdoorsman, artist or off-gridder, it is possible!

Personalize any way you’d like with lighting, art, bedding, tapestries, plants, or keep it simple and minimal. Open your mind and find a creative way to use the space as you add what you need for your uses and interests. Created by home building experts, Pete and the team, in the mountains of Colorado.

price: $15,999 ($18,999 with trailer), additional $500 for sink feature or shower pan box

size: 7×12 ft, height varies but is 6’8″ at its highest point in the center

weight: 1,850 lb (2,500 lb with this aluminum trailer)

uses: meditation room, art studio, office, guest room, rental/airbnb, …

delivery (local to Boulder area): We can deliver the hut to your house and place in your yard or on your land. If you’re in Colorado and not on the front range, we can still work out a delivery option.

trailer: The trailer is an additional price, but you could also put it on a trailer if you have one already or find one in the future. A trailer would make it easier to move around and you could use it as a pull along, but since its heavier than other pull-alongs with the wood and all, we would recommend using a large pickup or something with a strong engine.

BUY ME: This is the only one like this that we have available! let us know if you want to buy it before its gone! Also if you’d like to see it you could schedule a visit.

contact: hutsbypete@gmail.com