What are Pete’s Huts?

A strong, natural, private space
Moveable living spac

We provide a simple, easy-to-maintain living or working/creating areas. Huts can save you money in the long run and give you freedom. They can be customized for your style and needs. Take apart or replace parts with simple tools and an easy-to-understand system.

  • What to use a hut for:
  • guest cabin or rental
  • art/yoga studio
  • Office
  • Sauna
  • library
  • multiple on a piece of land as “rooms”

Our story

We’re carpenters and build homes and shelters, we love to create cozy safe living areas. Since 1956 our family has been building homes, before that barns and ships. There’s sawdust in our blood. We find satisfaction from working with renewable resources and simple proven methods. We get excited from the smells of fresh, raw wooden ceilings and floors surrounding us.

Our vision

We not only want to build unique spaces and teach people the simplicity of living in a “stronger tent”. We also are looking to teach you how to build their own. Let us know what you want to know and how you would like to see it shared! We love to see creative and unique ideas come alive!